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In a widening field of both new competitors and those emerging from dormancy, one company needed to establish itself as a thought leader and differentiate itself by explaining to clients and prospects how it had evolved into a provider of a broader set of sales and marketing services than customers realized...

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MannPower Design creates a wide range of visual solutions for clients across diverse industries. Below is only a small sampling of what we’ve done.

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A home theater manufacturer's representative company was sending a series of email blasts to communicate with distributors and needed visual development to match each manufacturer's products while maintaining a consistent feel across all email blasts regardless of manufacturer...

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MannPower Design has developed a number of corporate and brand identities for clients over the years. This page is a sampling of a few of them...

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A healthcare services company providing patient education in physician offices and exam rooms via sponsor-supported digital screens programming and patient handouts needed a new Web presence to educate customers and drive new business leads with their pharmaceutical manufacturer target audience...

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