Visual Strategy & Marketing Consulting


At MannPower Design we integrate the science of design, analytics and marketing performance measurement to drive revenue growth and maximize marketing ROI for businesses through the strategic use of the Internet, audio/visual and other digital technologies combined with traditional media in a multi-channel environment to improve the opportunity pipeline and build brand strength.

The results of the multi-channel strategies and Marketing Performance Measurement practices we’ve developed for clients include:

  1. Expanded a client's opportunity pipeline from $23 Million
    to $112 Million

  2. Improved qualified leads from 57.5% to 89.8%

  3. Grew web site traffic 340% over 3 months with a value-added content strategy of podcasts, web video and case studies

Our services include:

  1. Lead Generation Process, Metrics & Nurturing

  2. Campaign Effectiveness Tracking/ROI Analysis

  3. Marketing Accountability & Measurement

  4. Multi-channel Integrated Marketing Strategy

  5. Audience Segmentation

  6. Social Media Integration

  7. Advertising

  8. Branding/Corporate Identity

  9. Web/Intranet Design & Usability

  10. Direct Marketing Creative, Production & Testing

  11. Experiential/Event Marketing

  12. Graphic & Multimedia Design Execution


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